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A fantastic garden centre in Leicestershire is kicking up a storm

Written By: james - Oct• 24•13

When I first started this review, I didn’t think much to the name Sapcote Garden Centre, but by the end I was screaming the name from the rooftops!

The Quality of the Plant Nursery

By far one of the most attractive looking plant areas I have seen in a long time, with many different colours catching your eye as soon as you walk in! There are plenty of different benches to get in between and go digging for that special variety, and the helpful staff were kind enough to point me in the direction of a specific tree that I wanted.

Finding the garden centre

Now this was very easy, as I was travelling up the M1, I left the junction at Leicester, and joined the M69, where I left at the first junction sign posted “Hinckley”, taking the left turn off the round about, and within a minute I was at Sapcote!

Such a great location, and the car park was big enough, that even on a busy Saturday, I managed to easily find a space.

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Downside to the Garden Centre

I just wish it had a coffee shop, plain and simple. It is a large place, and somewhere to take the weight off, and chill out with a nice warm drink would really add to the experience of the garden centre.

Furniture Area

A very large selection of furniture, mainly rattan, and they informed me that the wood will not be sold next year, and as I have a wooden set currently, I was slightly dissapointed! Oh well, I best keep mine inĀ  good condition for now (teak oil and all!).

Final Points

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at (Sapcote Garden Centre, Hinckley Road, Sapcote, Leicester, Le9 4LG, 01455 274049) and will definitely be re-visiting if I pass Leicester again. I also wish I’d checked out the website first, as they have some fantastic offers on plants and garden furniture that I missed!

That’s all for this week folks, have fun gardening!

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